Happy Tamil New Year 2022: Puthandu Wishes

By | April 9, 2022

Puthandu or Puthuvarusham is celebrated in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The festival marks the beginning of the Tamil New Year. The popular belief held by the people of Tamil Nadu is that Lord Brahma began creating the world on this day. The festival is celebrated every year either on the 13th or 14th of April.

How is it celebrated?

The Tamils observe certain rituals and customs on Puthandu Pirappu. They begin the day by paying a visit to the temple and offering thanksgiving prayers to the deity. The women furbish the front door of their houses with special kolam designs. Kolam is a form of a traditional drawing made with rice powder or chalk or flour in the Southern regions of India. They’re primarily used to adorn the entrance of houses on festivals and special occasions. Usually, the center of the Kolam is designed with a lamp pattern called kuthuvillakku to bring good fortune and prosperity. It is widely believed among the Tamils that a kuthuvillakku can banish darkness and misfortune. On this Tamil New Year 2022, you can share the latest Happy Puthandu Wishes, Happy Puthandu Messages, Happy Puthandu SMS, Happy Puthandu Poems, Happy Puthandu Shayari, Happy Puthandu Greetings and Happy Puthandu Greeting Cards with your best friends, lovers, and family members.

Tamil New Year Wishes

Tamil New Year Wishes

Happy Puthandu Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes & Greetings 2022

Happy Puthandu Wishes

Happy Puthandu Wishes

On this auspicious day, children and adults come together to spend the festival together. Everyone gathers together to greet each other with Happy Puthandu Wishes, Tamil New Year Messages, SMS, Quotes, Shayari, Poems, Greetings & Card 2022 or ‘Puthandu Vazthukkal’. The people buy new clothes for this occasion and some consider it propitious to paint their houses on this day. A feast is held in all the houses where a spread of deliciously prepared meals including vada and payesam is laid out. We also have published the best collection on, Happy Puthandu Images and Happy Puthandu Status for Whatsapp and Facebook.

Tamil New Year 2022 – Happy Puthandu Wishes

Send the warm wishes of Tamil New Year 2022 to your beloved ones by choosing the best Happy Puthandu Wishes from here.
Tamil New Year 2022 - Happy Puthandu Wishes

Puthandu is essentially considered a family event where it is mainly celebrated with the members of the family and friends. If you can’t be physically present to celebrate the day with your family and greet them with your Happy Puthandu Wishes or Tamil New Year Wishes in Tamil & Telugu fonts, you can also send your wishes via phone call or text messages.

Wishing you a prosperous tamil new year 2022 filled with happiness,
affluence and success.


May our Creator bless you with everlasting joy,
contentment and prosperity.
Have a blessed and wonderful tamil new year 2022!


Celebrate life…
Celebrate new beginning…
Happy Tamil New year 2022 to you!


May you and all of your family members be blessed with good health and good fortune this Puthandu.
Happy Tamil New Year 2022!


Welcome the Puthandu with hearts filled with cheer, merriment and fulfillment.
Puthandu Vazthukal 2022 to you!


As another puthandu is on the way
I am sending my heartfelt wishes
For a New Year Filled with happiness
prosperity and Peace
Happy New Year 2022!


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Tamil New Year 2022 – Happy Puthandu Messages & SMS

Get top 10+ Happy Tamil New Year 2022 Messages and SMS for your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Lovers, Best Friend, and Family Members.

Tamil New Year - Happy Puthandu Messages & SMS

May this year’s Puthandu bring in abundance, joy and prosperity to your life.
Have a blessed Tamil New Year 2022!


It’s tamil new year 2022!
Time for celebration and cheer!
Have fun with family and enjoy.
As this auspicious holiday brings prosperity and joy!


This New Year,
Unfold new Horizons…
Discover your faith and strength…
And welcome new life’s challenges.
Puthandu Vazhtukal 2022!


I wish you have an enjoyable New Year celebration,
And have fun-filled memories to treasure forever.
Happy New Year 2022!


From miles away, I’m sending my warmest Puthandu Vazthukal to your home.
I also want you to know that I’m missing you this Tamil New Year 2022.


Every year Tamilnew year comes
To fill our soul and life
with hopes of a better days
Happu New year 2022!


From the day of Puthandu til the next Tamil New Year,
may each day be filled with laughter,
cheer and abundance.
Have a happy Tamil New Year 2022!


It is Tamil New Year
time to dressup and get ready
Let us Dance and welcome a New Year
That brings luck and prosperity to us
Happy New Year 2022!


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Tamil New Year 2022 – Happy Puthandu Quotes & Greetings

Send the Happy Puthandu Quote with Greeting to your beloved ones on 14th April via Messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook etc.

Start the New Year with
Puthandu Vazhtukal 2022


Let this Puthandu be the start of you new, better life.
Have a happy and blessed Tamil New year 2022!


May this Tamil New year bring them in to your life.
Puthandu Vazhtukal 2022!


Sending my warmest greetings to you this new year.
May you fulfill all of your new year’s resolutions.
Puthandu Vazhtukal 2022!


Tamil new year is the day when
our body and soul is filled with
happiness and hope for better future
And I wish all your hopes come true
Happy Tamil New year 2022


Here’s Puthandu once again.
Leave all your fears and worries behind and start anew…
Happy tamil new year 2022!


New year is on the way to fill your life
With Happiness and prosperity
It is the time to get ready Folks
Let us dance and party to welcome
Happy New Year 2022


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Tamil New Year 2022 – Happy Puthandu Shayari & Poems

Send the best Happy Tamil New Year Shayari and Poems to your beloved ones on 14th April from here.

Happy Puthandu Shayari

Happy Puthandu Shayari


“New Year brings just Happiness not Tear,
Everybody loves only You Dear,
All your Problems will be Finish……
It’s for you my Special NEW YEAR’S wish
Wish u a Happy New Year 2022.
Khatm ho nafrato ki kahani, naye saal me.”


“Is saal aapke ghar khusiyo ki ho dhamaal
Daulat ki Na ho kami aap ho jaye malamaal
Haste muskurate raho aisa ho sabka haal
Tahe Dil se Mubarak ho aapko naya saal
Happy New Year 2022 to you and your family!”


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Tamil New Year 2022 – Happy Puthandu Greeting Cards

Download the best Tamil New Year or Puthandu Greeting Cards from here.

Puthandu Vazthukal to you and to your loved ones,
May your hope be filled with endless harmony, peace and prosperity.
Have a happy new year 2022!

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Puthandu Pirappu is an important festival in Tamil Nadu. Even if you’re not a Tamil, you should greet your Tamil friends with Puthandu wishes to make this day more special for them. You can easily find different kinds of Happy Puthandu Wishes, Tamil New Year Messages, SMS, Quotes, Shayari, Poems, Greetings & Card 2022 on the Internet.

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