April Fool Status, Funny, Cartoon & Pranks Video Status for Whatsapp Story for 1st April Fool Day 2024

By | March 30, 2024

April Fool Day is the best day in the whole year when people can go on sharing funny messages without any restriction. But some people, especially who are workaholic, there is no chance of taking a free time even during a celebration. Basically for some people work is everything and more important than any other thing in the world. It is for these workaholic people April Fool Status, April Fool Day Whatsapp Status to Update Whatsapp Story on 1st April 2024 are of great importance.

April Fool Day Status

First of all these people can easily leave status in the April Fool Day and go for work and can at the same time remain associated with all the known people. Even an intriguing status can make all the relatives get to know about one presence and involvement with the occasion. Previous we have published the best April Fool Memes for trolling on Instagram and Whatsapp with your beloved ones on 1st April 2024.

April Fool Status for 1st April Fool Day 2024

April Fool Status

April Fool Status

When Statuses has much to say about the occasion

You can make your status a little different by making it get filled with some uncommon facts of April Fool Day. People only know that this day is meant for pranks, but there is much other reason for its celebration worldwide. You can fill up your April Fool Status, Funny, Cartoon & Pranks Video Status for Whatsapp Story for 1st April Fool Day 2024 with some historical facts about the day’s importance. You can enrich people’s mind with something new and vibrant enough to take a look at.

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April Fool 2024 Funny Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

Get the top listed April Fool Day Funny Status to Update Whatsapp and Facebook Status on 1st April 2024.

When Are You Going To Marry Me?
I Cant Live Without You, I Love
You Dear, Marry Me Within This
Month Otherwise I Will Die.
See, How Katrina Messaged Me!


कोई जरुरी बात बताना चाहते हो तो कल बताएं … हो सकता है आज मैं आपकी बात का भरोसा ना करुँ। Happy April Fool Day


I’m fool, I’m fool I’m fool OK OK COOL मान गया भाई मैं you are fool, now please control yourself!


इस कदर हम आपको चाहते हैं की दुनिया वाले देख कर जल जाते हैं , यूँ तो हम सभी को उल्लू बनाते हैं , लेकिन आप थोड़ा जल्दी बन जाते हैं  Happy April Fool Day 2024!

April Fool Day 2024 Short & 2 Line Status

Get the 2 Line April Fool Day Short Status to Update Whatsapp Text Status on 1st April 2024.

Hey you know which is the best day to propose a girl ?? Its April First.. If she accepts its your luck and otherwise just Say APRIL FOOL.


t takes courage to make a fool of yourself and YOU have already done a good job ? Happy Fools Day 2024!


Bye bye India , going Canada!


किना सोहना तेनू रब्ब ने बनाया
वाह .. वाह ..
किना सोहना तेनू रब्ब ने बनाया
वाह .. वाह ..
मैंने तेनू 3 दिन पहले “April Fool” बनाया!


तमाम बेवकूफों को इत्लाह दी जाती है…. आप तो ऐसे पढ़ रहे हैं जैसे ये इत्लाह आपके लिए हो… April Fool 2024

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April Fool 2024 Cartoon, Funny & Pranks Ideas Videos

Most of the people are looking for the best Funny & Pranks Ideas to Make Fool on 1st April 2024. Here you we have published the awesome April Fool 2024 Cartoon and Funny Pranks Videos to take ideas for 1st April 2024.
[wpdevart_youtube]NDbvejPq7dw[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]a6qHBgiMhFA[/wpdevart_youtube]

you are one of the CUTEST persons in this world Just a second don’t misunderstand me CUTE means Creating Useless Troubles.


गुलाब का फूल बाग़ में खिल रहा है, कमल का फूल तालाब में तैर रहा है, जैसमीन का फूल चमन में महक रहा है, और “APRIL” ka “FOOL” status पढ़ रहा है


Got a new iPhone 8. Thanks Dad

Makaya, Hakaya, Rumbha, Zumbhatimbak,
Tumba, Jingala Jinga, Ragira,
Vagira, Helulu, Hetata, Naraka,
Hibaha. Congratulations!! You are perfect आदिवासी
Alia Bhatt at a florist: भईया एक April Phool देना !
[wpdevart_youtube]UU-pFYZcs_M[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]RWgcRJWgEd8[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]tGJjesIbH1M[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]NO_prCvvx8Q[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]f0C0luYJK70[/wpdevart_youtube] Read More: April Fool Funny Messages

April Fool Video Status for Whatsapp Story

Download the Best April Fool Video Status to Update Whatsapp Story on 1st April 2024.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me


एक पागल था …
बिलकुल पागल था…
एकदम पागल था…
पागलों का पागल था….
लेकिन घबराओ नहीं ……. . . . आपके सामने कुछ भी नहीं था ?? Happy April Fool Day 2024!


Z6y w0y Y8y w9x… नहीं समझे ? ज़रा उल्टा करके पढ़ो… जब सीधा समझ नहीं आया तो उल्टा कहाँ से आएगा? Happy April Fool Day 2024!

[wpdevart_youtube]a6-F581Vf9I[/wpdevart_youtube] [wpdevart_youtube]SWqZ_dgTtag[/wpdevart_youtube] Read More:
Statuses can be full of exciting ideas to spend the day well
April Fool Status, Funny, Cartoon & Pranks Video Status for Whatsapp Story for 1st April Fool Day 2024 can be filled with some of the exclusive ideas and plan that you can share with your relatives and friends. You can make your status get filled with some simple, funny quotes that describe your nature of interacting with people. You can develop your brand new way of celebrating the occasion by writing down short poems that make one laugh out loud. You can make your status visible to all. You can easily get connected with those people who are eager to get connected with you.
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