Happy Guru Purnima Images, GIF, HD Pics & Photos for Whatsapp DP 2023

By | June 24, 2023

Happy Guru Purnima Images, GIF, HD Pics, Wallpapers & Photos for Whatsapp DP: Guru Purnima is best defined as an Eastern spiritual tradition which is dedicated to teachers- both academic and spiritual. Teachers are celebrated for enlightening or evolving the minds of the next generation of humans. Teachers are always ready to share their knowledge, wisdom and more but without any kind of monetary expectation. To give a little back to the teachers, they are sometimes invited to a great meal in the student’s house. The meal is generally tailored according to what the guru wants to have. So it could be both veg and nonveg.

Guru Purnima is celebrated annually by the Nepalese Hindus as well as Buddhists. Generally, Guru Purnima is observed by Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains. This is done so as to revere the spiritual leaders or teachers who have chosen to guide us. But the festival also marks the onset of monsoon since it is celebrated in the months just before monsoon is set to arrive in the subcontinent.

Happy Guru Purnima 2023

Happy Guru Purnima Images, GIF, HD Pics & Photos for Whatsapp DP 2023

Guru Purnima Images

Guru Purnima Images

It was the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi who chose to revive this ancient tradition, so as to pay tribute to Shrimad Rajchandra who was his spiritual guru. But for Hindus, the whole tradition dates back to Maharshi Veda Vyasa to whom Hindus mainly dedicate the occasion. This is because he is thought to be the one who is believed to be have edited the Hindu sacred texts, the Vedas and also to have written the 18 Puranas, Srimas Bhagavatam, and Mahabharata. here you will get the Guru Purnima Speech & Essay PDF for Students & Teachers.

How can you celebrate Guru Purnima 2023?

Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima is a really auspicious occasion, but there are many ways one can celebrate it. This includes:

Happy Guru Purnima Images for Whatsapp & Facebook 2023

Happy Guru Purnima Images


Guru Purnima Image

Guru Purnima Image

One way you can wish your teacher, elder or any other person whom you consider a teacher in any way is by sending them Guru Purnima Images. These images generally have a colorful background with the wishes written in a stylish font. The message types of the images range from ‘happy Guru Purnima to more elaborate messages which show heartfelt thanks. If you know Photoshop then you too will be able to create such messages with ease. The best part will be that, then these messages could be customized and personalized as well.

Guru Purnima Images for Whatsapp

Happy Guru Purnima 2023 GIF & Animated Glitters for Whatsapp & Facebook

Guru Purnima GIF

Guru Purnima GIF

Guru Purnima messages get even better if you send them as short video messages. These are called Guru Purnima GIFs. These short videos consist of animated images. Say if there are flowers being slowly thrown by a student on his/her teachers’ foot, then the GIFs will be able to show a continuous falling motion with the flowers. This makes the greeting seem more enthusiastic to the teacher you are sending it to and moreover, it seems more realistic as well.

Guru Purnima GIF for Whatsapp


Guru Purnima 3D Animation GIF

Check the best collection of Guru Purnima Wishes, Quotes & Messages in Hindi, Marathi & English 2023.

Happy Guru Purnima 2023 Wallpapers

Guru Purnima Wallpapers

Many people send images and GIFs to their teachers as they are easy to forward from one person to the other on various social media sites and apps. But if you want your teacher to remember you more then try sending Guru Purnima Wallpapers. Make sure that the wallpapers you send are of high resolution so that they don’t split when he/she uses them. Also, don’t send gaudy wallpapers which will stick out, send something calming and soothing to look at.

Guru Purnima HD Wallpapers

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Happy Guru Purnima 2023 Pics & Photos free download

Guru Purnima Pics


Guru Purnima Pics

Guru Purnima Pics

A great gift idea would be if you send your teacher Guru Purnima pics or Guru Purnima Photos. If you have pictures will your guru and some basic editing or photoshop skills, then you will be able to manipulate the picture to write in a beautiful message. Don’t overdo it with bold colors and crowded text, instead keep it short and sweet. Remember that less is more. But if you don’t have any such photos or face troubles editing then you will be able to get some simple ones off the internet. Here you will get the Happy Guru Purnima Shayari & Poems in Hindi & Marathi 2023.

Guru Purnima HD Photos

If you feel like photos and pics won’t be enough then you can send shayaris and poems as well. That’s because written words are sometimes more effective and your gurus will surely appreciate you taking time out to write your thoughts down.

Happy Guru Purnima Whatsapp DP & Facebook Profile Picture

Guru Purnima Whatsapp DP

If you are more active on social media apps like WhatsApp or on popular social media sites like Facebook, then you can show your appreciation for this day by putting up a Guru Purnima DP. You can keep it temporarily just for the day, but it will surely tell your teachers that you care for the day. Also, if you can’t send individualized messages to all of your teachers then adding a sweet status to commemorate the day will work well with the DP.

Guru Purnima DP

You can also try emailing your teacher some gifts and flowers if you can’t visit them in person. This will be a whole lot more personalized and they will surely appreciate your deed. For gifts, you can send sweets or books or something else relevant to the day. You can also send what your teacher would like to get as a gift.

Guru Purnima Stickers for Whatsapp & Facebook

Guru Purnima Stickers


Guru Purnima Whatsapp Stickers


Guru Purnima Stickers for Whatsapp

Where can you get these images and other things from?

The internet is your one-stop destination for all of these things. You will be able to get everything from pictures to wallpapers, GIFs and more in there. If you are having trouble finding these images then just go to the search bar, type in Guru Purnima images and click search. Under the images tab, you will get hundreds of relevant such wallpapers, GIFs, pics and more. After that, you can choose the one you like and send it to your teacher.

Also, if you have photo-shopping skills then that’s a bonus, as then you will be able to create the type of images you want to send. This will make the occasion more unique and personalized as well.

Guru Purnima is a really special occasion where all teachers are celebrated for their contribution to enriching the lives of their students. Sending them images, GIFs, wallpapers and mode will show them that you remember the day and that you appreciate their contribution in your life. This day of Guru Purnima is also seen as auspicious if you want to begin spiritual learning of any sort.

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