{Deepavali 2023}* Diwali Akash Kandil Lamps, Lantern Design and Decor ideas

By | November 3, 2023

Diwali is the only occasion and the most recognized and widely celebrated festivals. This is the only time when family members get together and go for a common reunion. Perhaps living away from home for almost the whole year you may have thought that when Diwali would arrive and you would go for enjoying and meeting the long lost friends, meet your parents and live some days of this festive season with full enjoyment and happiness. But is the right time when you can give way to some of the bright and innovative ideas. May small communities and inspire them to make new and impressive designs that can enhance the decoration of your room this Diwali 2023. Though decorative items are available online, making them together in groups is just a memorable enjoyment. This Diwali, make it a point to make Deepavali Akash Kandil lamps that are very simple to make. The only things you need to have is the required material that is not very costly and a lot of patience.

{Deepavali 2023}* Diwali Akash Kandil Lamps, Lantern Design, and Decor ideas

Diwali Akash Kandil Lamps

Diwali Akash Kandil Lamps

Tips to make some impressive decorations with lamps and lanterns

Lamps and lanterns are an important item for room decoration during festive seasons. Get hold of all the required materials like the cardboard papers, colored papers, cellophane papers that would make the light visible and lots of gums, pins, and staplers. Some of the tips in making the beautiful lanterns and lamps are as follows:

  • Get images of some lanterns and Akash Kandils that are available online. They would give you a clear image of the types and patterns.
  • Make sure you have all the requirements like the gums, glue, papers, scale, pencil and each bit of thing that is necessary for making the lanterns.
  • Understand and evaluate the right size of Lantern that is required for your room. The sq ft coverage of your room that you want to decorate is important.
  • The lantern must be colourful and bright. If you have children at home try to make them participate as well. They may not be prudent, but their participation would really make a difference.
  • Make the difficult portions and keep them aside. First preparing the delicate structures would make the job easier. Lastly, give the finishing touch to make it look better and impressive.

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Deepavali 2023 Lantern Design and Decor ideas

Diwali Akash Kandil Lamps Design

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Make your Diwali memorable with lamps and innovative decorating ideas

Decorative ideas are always there in our mind, but the problem is that we don’t get ample time to bring them out. This festive occasion makes it a point to celebrate through decoration and lantern making. It may sound absurd that way to take efforts unnecessarily when the items are available online and various other stores? But really it makes a difference. After so many days it makes an opportunity for you to be with all your relatives and friends together. Making decorative becomes not just an act of enhancing the room décor but also enhances the beauty of your true relationship that needs to be treasured for more number of years.

cupcake paper lantern


Diwali Colourful Lamp Kandil

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