Happy Deepavali / Diwali Advance Wishes in 2023

By | November 2, 2023

It might seem a simple gesture but is of immense importance. Long back people couldn’t even get connected during special occasions. But today, due to the advancement in technology and network wishing is quite easy. Relatives can be wished not only through phone calls but all the social networking sites. Facebook and Whatsapp have become an important platform through which people can wish one another. This is very common that we often forget to wish our relatives. This generally occurs due to heavy work pressure or at times the personal problem. But it must be remembered that there are some people who wait eagerly for our wishes. So if we forget we can also go for Happy Diwali Advance Wishes for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Family & Friends that can make us free from remembering. Now its time to send Happy Diwali Wishes in advance to your beloved ones. In this post, We have collected the top 100+ best Deepavali advance wishes collection for your best friends, lovers, and family.

Diwali Advance Wishes 2023

Diwali Advance Wishes 2023

Your  one wish can make all smile

Advance Happy Diwali Wishes

Every one of us is busy and we all have some job to do. Some are busy with household work,  some with studies and career-making and some with jobs and office, tours and professional services. In this fast life, there is hardly any time left for people to relish some time and celebrate the true essence of the occasion. Diwali is that celebration where people can come close to each other for rejoicing the festive moments. You can send the Best Happy Diwali Advance Wishes, Happy Diwali Advance Whatsapp Status to your beloved ones before 2 or 3 days of Diwali. Here you can check out the 50+ Interesting Diwali Facts.

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Happy Deepavali / Diwali Advance Wishes, Status & Images 2023 – Diwali 2023 is Coming for Beloved Ones

Diwali Advance Wishes

Diwali Advance Wishes

Deepavali Wishes in advance 2023

Deepavali Wishes in advance 2023

Diwali is the festival of light and its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can be celebrated while showing some of the simple gestures like sharing gifts, making sweets and putting on lights and buying some skylights and firecrackers. But what when suddenly you have been informed about an urgent business conference or a seminar. You are helpless as you have to go. The professional world outside knows no celebration time. This is the time when Advance Diwali Wishes &  Advance Deepavali Whatsapp Status can help you to some extent and also make your relatives happy and feel contended that you have wished them in advance. here you can download the Diwali Images for your friends & family.

Download: Diwali Cliparts PNG

Advance Diwali 2023 Wishes

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May the sparkles of crackers spread
glitters of happiness around you And the light
of Diwali lamps spread rays that continue to bless you!
Happy Diwali 2023 in advance!

Happy Diwali Wishes in advance 2023

Happy Diwali Wishes in advance

May the festival of lights bring sparkling progress and glittering success in your life. Happy Diwali 2023 in advance!

Happy Diwali Wishes in advance 2023

Here you will get the best collection for your beloved ones,

ending you warm Diwali wishes straight from my heart… May all things bright and prosperous fill your home and never depart. Happy Diwali 2023 in advance!

Happy Diwali Wishes, Messages & SMS in Advance 2023

Happy Diwali Wishes in Advance

Happy Diwali Wishes in Advance

May the Divine Light of Diwali Spread into your
Life Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health.
Happy Deepawali 2023 in advance!


Aapko Diwali Mubarak Ho,
Aapki Diwali Mangalmaye Ho..
Kintu Parantu ..I know its 2 early
But I have thousands of beauties,
Hotties and smarties to wish…
So I thought to finish AunTies & UncLes 1st


*Kya Bharosa
*Mobile Ka
*Battery ka
*Charger Ka
*Network Ka
*Balance Ka
*Life ka
*Time ka
*Isi Liye Advance Me
“Happy Diwali 2023!


Diwali Coming Soon….So
I wish for you that the…
The Divine Light Of Diwali
Spread Into Your Life Peace,
Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health.

HAPPY DIWALI 2023 in Advance.


Agr aap muje SMS nahi kroge to..
Kuch din bad apke ghar main bomb fatega..
Daro nahi yaar
Kuch din ke bad “DIWALI” jo hai.
Wish u HAPPY DIWALI 2023 in advance.


I pray to God that the sparkles of lamps illuminate your life with happiness, prosperity, good health, wealth, and fortune. Wishing you a cheerful, safe and Happy Diwali in advance!!


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Advance Happy Diwali 2023 Images for Whatsapp and Facebook

Advance Happy Diwali Images

Lights of lamps inspires us to shine in our true spirit ! may this festival of light enlighten you all the way! Wish you and your family Happy Diwali 2023 in advance!

Advance Diwali Images

Advance Diwali Images

Download the Happy Diwali in advance countdown video status to update Whatsapp story before Diwali 2023.

Happy Diwali Advance Whatsapp Status for lovers 2023

Happy Diwali Advance Whatsapp Status

Happy Diwali Advance Whatsapp Status

Isse pehle ki network jam ho jaye message
Undelivered aam ho jaye
Koi aur bazi mare aur hum badnam ho jaye
Wishing you a very happy Diwali in advance. .

Happy Diwali 2023 in advance!!


आप हमारे दिल में रहते हैं
तभी तो हम आपकी इतनी परवाह करते हैं
हमसे पहले कोई विश न कर दे आपको
इसीलिए १० दिन पहले दिवाली विश करते हैं

एडवांस हैप्पी दीपावली 2023!!


Life with you is like Diwali, so let’s promise to be together like this forever. Wish you a very Happy Diwali 2023 in advance!


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Happy Deepavali Advance Shayari in Hindi 2023

Advance Happy Deepavali 2023 Wishes


Happy Deepavali Advance Shayari in Hindi

Happy Deepavali Advance Shayari in Hindi

Khushian ho overflow,
Masti kabhi na ho low,
Dosti ka surur chaya rahe,
Dhan aur shorat ki ho bauchar,
Aisa aaye aapke liye kal


आज से आप के यहाँ धन की बरसात हो ,
माँ लक्ष्मि का वास हो , संकटो का नाश हो
हर दिल पर आपका राज हो , उन्नति का सर पर ताज हो
घर में शांति का वस् हो
* हैप्पी दिवाली 2023 in advance*


दीवाली के इस मंगल अवसर पर ,आप सभी की मनोकामना पूरी हों,
खुशियाँ आपके कदम चूमे ,इसी कामना के साथ आप सभी को दिवाली 2023 की ढेरों बधाई .


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Most of the people are looking for advance wishes images in their native language. Here you can download the best collection on,

Wishes can represent you during your absence

Often during the festive season, you have to remain away from your state or even country due to professional reasons. This is the time when advance wishes can come in help. You can make advance wishes to your family, friends, and relatives for Diwali and buy them gifts beforehand so that they feel your absence during the occasion. As the network has developed, it is not very astonishing if you can video chat with your loved ones on the occasion of Diwali. This can be a best effort to be taken by you for making everyone happy and contented. Try to make this Diwali get filled with happening moments that you have not even imagined of. Advance can make you placed in a much better position as it would make everyone feel the sense of your responsibility. Not everyone cares about wishing on these festive occasions. You can make yourself get involved in your professional life as you have done whatever was required to be done. Try to make this Diwali get filled with happiness and fun and spread it as much as you can through wishes. Also if you’re looking for the Deepavali Facebook Cover Photos to change the social media timeline pictures you can download here. Diwali Banners.

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