{8th March}* International Women’s Day Shayari & Poems 2024 for Mother, Wife, Sister & Girlfriend

By | February 15, 2024

There can be no denials by the shayar that their lyrics have come up only because of some lady. Without the complaints or the appreciation of a lady, a shayar has very less inspiring subject to write upon. On the recitation of such Shayari, the shayar picks up a lot of applauds. But alas! The life of the lady remains in the dark despair state. Can for a change the shayar would take the initiative to write some inspiring and rejuvenating International Women’s Day Shayari & Poems. The encouraging lyrics would commence enkindling a hope of retrieval in the life of a lady. You can share these Happy International Women’s Day Shayari and Women’s Day Poems with your beloved ones on 8th March 2024.

Women's Day Shayari

Women’s Day Shayari

Happy Women’s Day Shayari 2024: Happy Women’s Day 2024 to everyone.

Women should try themselves to write Shayari

There is always some noble person around us who had tried to understand the life of a lady. But can anyone else explain the real sufferings of another one? There can be arguments, but in reality, one who has the pain can only elucidate the grief.

Women's Day Shayari 2024

Women’s Day Shayari 2024

{8th March}* International Women’s Day Shayari & Poems 2024 for Mother, Wife, Sister & Girlfriend

International Women's Day Shayari

International Women’s Day Shayari

The observer can apprehend but can never experience the actual happenings of everyday life. Hence the time has come when a lady should stop nodding in appreciation rather give voice to feelings and create some real and original Happy Women’s Day Shayari & Poems 2024. Let the lady start reciting for herself and caution the suppressors all around.

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8th March Shayari for Women's Day

8th March Shayari for Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day 2024 Shayari

Happy Women's Day 2024 Shayari

Happy Women’s Day 2024 Shayari

नारी ही शक्ति है नर की
नारी ही है शोभा घर की
जो उसे उचित सम्मान मिले
घर में खुशियों के फूल खिलें
महिला दिवस की हार्दिक बधाई


वह जन्म देने तुम, वह तुम्हें दे प्यार करता हूँ,
वह मुस्कान को सिखाता है तुम, के लिए मील तक पहुँचने कि,
इसकी हर एक के पीछे औरत,
सुंदरता का पर्याय, इसका उसे दिन …
!!मुबारक महिला दिवस!!


Aurat Se Hai Yeh Duniya Saari
Fir Bhi Yeh Ghulami Sehti Hai
Aurat Ke Liye Hai Jeena Saza
Fir Bhi Woh Jeeye Ja Rahi Hai
Aurat Sansaar Ke Kismat Hai
Fir Bhi Kismaat Ki Mari Hai
Aurat Aaj Bhi Zinda Jalti Hai
Fir Bhi Kehlati Woh Qurbani Hai
Aurat Ke Liye Rona Khataa Hai
Fir Bhi Woh Har Zulm Sehti Hai
Aurat Ne Janam Diya Mardon Ko
Fir Bhi Woh Kehlati Pairon Ki Juti Hai!!
Happy Women’s Day 2024!


अर्ध सत्य तुम, अर्ध स्वप्न तुम, अर्ध निराशा आशा,
अर्ध अजित जित, अर्ध तृप्ति तुम, अर्ध अतृप्ति पिपासा,
आधी काया आग तुम्हारी, आधी काया पानी,
अर्धांगिनी नारी ! तुम जीवन की आधी परिभाषा !

आज अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस की शुभकामनाएं।


Ponch kar aansu apne, saha har apmaan,.
Har ghar me bani wo pyaar ki murat..
Laxmi, durga, saraswati ke rup me,.
Janmi is sansaar me, ban kar ek aurat..
Happy Women’s Day 2024.


Duniya Hai Aurat Sey Sari
Ghulami Phir Bhi Yeh Sehti Hai
Inke Liye Hai Jeena Sazaa
Apno Ke Liye Jeeti Rehti Hai!
Happy Women’s Day 2024!

We are cute daughters,
We are sweet sisters,
We are lovely lovers,
We are darling wives,
We are adorable mothers,
We are source of strength,
We are WOMEN! Happy Women’s Day 2024 to all womens!

मन में ममता और करुणा का भाव लिए,
बड़े ही खूबसूरती के साथ अपनी सभी,
जिम्मेदारियां निभाती है परिवार की धुरी महिला,
चेहरे की रौनक सूरज सी बढ़ती जाए,
भीतर की ऊर्जा सदा दमकती जाए,
महिला दिवस की ढ़ेरो शुभकामनाएं.

Garbh Se Nikli Ankhein Kholi
Pehla Shabd Main Maa Ka Boli
Aakar Is Duniya Mein Mujhko
Duinya Kyon Hai Bura Boli
Main Bhi Ek Insaan Hoon
Hasna Main Bhi Chahti Hoon
Sundar Si Duniya Mein
Main Bhi Jeena Chahti Hoon
Samajh Nahi Hai Aata Mujhko
Aksar Kyon Dete Tana Mujhko
Jab Se Aayi Hoon Is Duniya Mein
Ladki Hui Hai Duniya Boli..
Happy Women’s Day 2024!!

Women’s Day Shayari in Hindi fonts to share with Mother, Wife, Sister on 8th March 2024

Women's Day Shayari

Women’s Day Shayari


International Women's Day Shayari
नारी ही शक्ति है नर की
नारी ही है शोभा घर की
जो उसे उचित सम्मान मिले
घर में खुशियों के फूल खिलें
महिला दिवस 2024 की हार्दिक बधाई!
नर सम अधिकारिणी है नारी
वो भी जीने की अधिकारी
कुछ उसके भी अपने सपने
क्यों रौंदें उन्हें उसके अपने
Happy Womens Day 2024
क्यों त्याग करे नारी केवल
क्यों नर दिखलाए झूठा बल
नारी जो जिद्द पर आ जाए
अबला से चण्डी बन जाए
उस पर न करो कोई अत्याचार
तो सुखी रहेगा घर-परिवार
महिला दिवस की हार्दिक बधाई

Happy Women’s Day 2024 Poems

Happy Women's Day Poems

Happy Women’s Day Poems

Are you feeling Poetic today? Looking for the best International Women’s Day Poems to make the special women in your life feel special. You are at the right place. Get a huge collection of Poems and download the one poem that you can relate to. Then personally go and recite the poem to your loved one. They will feel special by this gesture of yours. If your loved ones are away from you, send them the poem through an SMS, or you can post it on all your Social Media and tag them so that they feel special on Women’s Day 2024.

बेटी-बहु कभी माँ बनकर
सबके ही सुख-दुख को सहकर
अपने सब फर्ज़ निभाती है
तभी तो नारी कहलाती है
Happy Womens Day 2024

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Women's Day Poem

Women’s Day Poem

नारी दिवस बस एक दिवस
क्यों नारी के नाम मनाना है
हर दिन हर पल नारी उत्तम
मानो , यह न्या ज़माना है
महिला दिवस की बधाई


To a super woman

Your worth is not in the things you do
Your worth lies in your care and through
You go beyond your limit in life
You are so strong from inside
You sacrifice for that one smile
You are there for people you love all the while
You are a true woman of substance
And a big salute to you in life
Happy women’s day to you!
Being so pure and true!


Every Home,Every Heart, Every Feeling,
Every Moment Of happiness is incomplete
without u, Only U can complete this world…
Good Morning
Happy Women’s Day 2024!

The willingness to listen,
The patience to understand,
The strength to support,
The heart to care & just to be there….
That is the beauty of a lady!

Aurat  Ka Is Dunya or Us Dunya Mein Maan Hai
Aurat Ek Behan Hai Ek Beti Hai 1 Patni Hai
Aurat K Beena Yeh Jahan Kuch Bhi Nhi Hai.
!! Happy Women’s Day 2024!!
You can do almost anything you put your mind to …
You can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak …
Be a doctor or fly a plane
You can face adversity and still walk tall.
You are strong, beautiful, compassionate and much more than words could ever say!
Today is yours, and so is ever other day…
Happy Women’s Day 2024!
Happy Women's Day 2024 Poems

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Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March globally and this day is used for wishing the supreme power that is the women who are having the power of nurturing, transforming and creating everything. This Women’s Day makes sure you are wishing all these inspiring and motivating women with beautiful poems.  There are several websites from where you can get a plethora of poems written by famous poets about women empowerment and elimination of any sort of discrimination. You can also send beautiful Women’s Day poem in your own native language. With the help of Women’s Day poem, you can easily acknowledge the contributions of women who are a part of your life or society.

Wide Circulation is the urgent call of the day

Revolution has always surged up from the gloomiest corner of suppression. Nobody knows where the real rebellion resides. So the Women’s Day Shayari 2024 should be widely circulated, reaching all the corners of deprivation. Lot of heads gather together, but the purpose of such a congregation can be achieved only by few countable courageous hearts. There is no doubt that the scenario is changing but much left to be accomplished. Let all good soul join hands and call upon for the guidance of the suppressed soul.

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