Govardhan Puja 2023: Ceremonies & Annakoot

By | November 6, 2023

Also known as Annakut puja, Govardhan puja or Bali pratipada is a Hindu festivity that is usually held after a day of the occurrence of the Diwali Puja in the month of Kartik. There is usually a one day gap between Govardhan puja and Diwali. This day commemorates the defeat of lord Indra by lord Krishna, a deity of the Hindu mythology. Worshippers of the Govardhan puja prepare varieties of vegetation meals such as rice, vegetables, wheat, curry of gram flour, etc to offer them to Lord Krishna. 

Govardhan puja 2023

Govardhan Puja Images for Whatsapp

Govardhan Puja Images for Whatsapp

In the ancient texts, the celebration of Govardhan puja has been mentioned to be held during the pratipada tithi of the month of Kartik. Depending on the beginning of the auspicious tithi, Govardhan puja sometimes falls a day before Amavasya on the Hindu calendar. This year, Govardhan puja will be celebrated on 15th November. 

Govardhan Puja ceremonies

The Puja has immense significance in the lives of Indians. Along with lord Krishan, people also worship and pray to Lord Varuna, Agni and Indra on this day. On this day, Govardhan Parvat, indicating cow dung and lord Krishna holds the most importance. The puja is highly symbolic. It makes us realise how our lives are largely dependent on the basic resources and elements of mother nature and hence we should treat mother nature with respect and remain forever grateful to her. It is through the Govardhan Puja that people pay their respect to the resources of mother nature that we procure. 

On this day, Govardhan is made from cow dung. Devotees make a hillock of cow dung and decorate it with flowers. Generally, the Puja is conducted either in the day time or in the evening. As the puja continues, fruits, milk, honey, Gangajal, curd, crystallised sugar, water, incense sticks are offered to Govardhan. After the Puja is done, prasad is distributed. Besides worshipping cow dung, cows and bulls that are employed for agrarian purposes are showed reverence and worshipped. After the Puja, people seek blessings of Govardhan Ji by going around the hillock of cow dung and spilling water from a vessel as they complete the rounds. Lastly, the sow barley on the ground, marking the end of the rituals. Worshipping Govardhan Giri strengthens one’s financial state and is supposed to be auspicious for the enhancement of one’s children and cow health. 

Annakoot for Govardhan Puja

On this auspicious day, Annakoot is prepared in the temples. Annakoot is a meal made up of varieties of cereals that are offered to Lord Krishna during this puja. At certain places, the temples make khichdi and puri. Along with this, sweets and other delicacies are prepared from milk and are distributed as bhog among the worshippers. In various places, the night of the Govardhan puja is celebrated with dance and music and people pray for a prosperous life seeking the blessings of Lord Krishna.

The Govardhan Puja is a way of expressing our dedication to Lord Krishna and mother nature. On the day of this festival, bhandar and religious ceremonies are organised in religious places all across India. After the Puja gets over, prasad is distributed. Going around the Govardhan Parvat on this day is special significance snd a lot of people seem to take part in this activity. People popularly believe that by going around the mountain, the benediction of Lord Krishna is pursued. 

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