When is Eid 2022?

By | April 30, 2022

Eid Al Fitr is the festival celebrating the end to the fasting of the entire month of the Ramadan. It is believed that God blesses and rewards the people for their patience and the faith they have in God. The festival is celebrated for two to three days at the end of the holy month and no one can fast during these two to three days. This is an article that discusses the details of the festival and talks about the dates as to when it is to be celebrated in this year of 2022. 

Eid- the legends about it:


As legend has it, the festival was started by Muhammad, an Islamic prophet soon after he had migrated from Mecca. It is said that when Muhammad had left Mecca, he along with a companion of his Anas were passing through Medina, some people had gained Muhammad’s interests and he talked to them. The people were celebrating and were busy in the merrymaking when Muhammad preached and taught them, that God had fixed two days in the year for such extensive merriment and entertainment- at the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The festivals were called Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha. Since then, the festivals have been celebrated as is today. 

How is it celebrated:

It is a religious festival and is celebrated across nations and worldwide amongst all Muslim communities. During the days of the festivals, people start their mornings with the Eid Prayer and then go on to wish each other by the age-old customary greetings of “Eid Mubarak”. People buy new clothes and enjoy the days with their family members, spending the days in enjoyment and recreational activities. Fasting during these two days is strictly not allowed. 

  • Some of the other rules involved are as follows:
  • Taking a bath, that performs some sort of ablution before sitting down to pray. 
  • Using a toothbrush or as the people would call it, the Miswaak. 
  • Eating an odd number of dates before they sit for the prayer. 
  • Make it mandatory to check whether you have paid the Zakat, before going to pray. 
  • Do not forget the “Takbeerat” before and after the Eid prayer. 

People dress up in their new and the best outfits and apply perfume. No one wants to look bad on these auspicious days. The days are quite important in the religious calendar of the Muslim community. 

Dates associated with Eid 2022:

Eid al Fitr starts on the evening of 2nd May 2022, Monday, and ends on the evening of 3rd May 2022, Tuesday. 

The most engaging and the best part of the celebrations is that people get to spend time with their near and dear ones- their family and friends. The religion, however, teaches and preaches not to forget the less privileged sections of the society and spend the celebration along with them, sharing the entertainment and vibrancy of the two days. It teaches us that all and everyone is our “Duas.”

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