Happy Slap Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Whatsapp Status & Shayari 2024

By | February 9, 2024

When we talk about status, the first and the foremost thing that comes to our mind is that status can be seen only for 24 hours. This is the main reason why most of us, we go for status because it is visible for the whole day. If the receiver wants, it can be downloaded as well. When it comes to Slap Day Wishes, make it sure that the wishes are sent in a very easy language. It is not only that the Slap Day Wishes can be sent to people who are disturbing, but also to them who are having good relation with you. It can be sent to your close relatives for fun as well.

Shayari is always a better option of entertainment. Especially when you are having a controversial relationship status that needs to be struck off, slap day shayaris and status can serve your purpose. Be sure about one thing that nothing is permanent and when someone is disturbing you for getting into a relationship there are numerous ways you can make your way out from that problem.

Happy Slap Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Whatsapp Status & Shayari 2024

Slap Day Wishes

Slap Day Wishes

  • Make your status get filled with messages that are striking enough to remember.
  • Make your shayaris get filled with several quotes that can give both enjoyment and entertainment.
  • Try to be innovative with your creation and don’t forward the wishes and shayaris that you have got from somewhere.

Happy Slap Day Wishes 2024

Happy Slap Day Wishes

Happy Slap Day Wishes

The best excuse after slapping someone – just say ‘I didn’t slap him, I high-fived his face’! Happy Slap Day 2024!


A Slap Is The Best Medicine That
May Be Used To Remove The
Madness Of Love From A Boys Mind.
~Happy Slap Day 2024~

Happy Slap Day Messages & SMS 2024

Boy: I Love U…
Girl : Thapar Marungi…
Boy: Mukka Bhi Khayegi Phir…
Happy Slap Day 2024!


Look at yourself in the micro and slap yourself hard, and your will realize the pain you had given me throughout!


The Best Excuse After
Slapping Someone – Just Say
I Did’nt Slap Him,
I High-Fived His Face!
Happy Slap Day 2024!

Slap Day Whatsapp Status 2024

Student ko miss ne thapar raseed kia
Miss: Aaj Tum Late Q Aaye?
School 7 baje Shuru
Hota Hai Fir der Q Ki?.
Aap Mera Itni besabri se Intjar Mat Kiya Karo
Log Galat Samajte hai. Hahaha.
Happy Slap Day 2024!


Sacha Dost Woh Hai Jo Aapki Aankh Me
Pehla Aansu Dekhe To Doosra Ansu Ponch Le
Teesra Ansu Rok Le Or Chautha Ansu Dekhe To
Ek Thappar Mar K Bole Le Ab Khul Ke Ro.
~Happy Slap Day 2024~


Jab Ap hamse rooth jaoge; Jab aap hamse khafa hojaoge; Jab aap hamein bhool jaoge; Tab Aisa Thappar parungi ki sab yaad aajayega! Happy Slap Day 2024!

Slap Day Quotes 2024

Slap Day Quotes

Slap Day Quotes

The Force Applied While Proposing A Girl; By A Boy Is Equal & Opposite; To The Force Applied By The Girl While slapping! Happy Slap Day 2024!


Admi dukandar se- zeher de do
dukandar- bina parchi ke nhi milega
admi ne apni shadi ka card dikhaya
dukandar- bas pagle ab rulaega kya
badi bottle du ya choti.. hahahaha
Happy Slap Day 2024!

Slap Day is a wonderful relief for those who do not appreciate the romantic approach of someone. In this type of situation Slap Day Wishes, Status & Shayari can be a great saviour. Hence, never panic if you are expecting an unduly loving gesture from someone. You need to be a little cautious and wait for some time. Let the Valentine Day get over. You will get your turn the very next day.

Boy: Jaan Ek Glass Pani Dey Do
Girl: Khud Uth Ke Pee Lo
Boy: Plzz De Do Na
Girl: Ab Manga To Thappar Marungi
Boy: Thappar Marne Aao To Pani Lete Aana.
Happy Slap Day 2024

Slap Day 2024 Shayari

Biwi Ko Thappar Maar Ke Husband Bola
Admi Use Hi Marta Hai Jise Pyar Karta Hai
Wife Ne 2 Thappar Mare Aur Boli
Aap Kya Samjhte Hain
Ke Main Aap Se Pyar Nahi Karti?
~Happy Slap Day 2024~


Jab Ap hamse rooth jaoge
Jab aap hamse khafa hojaoge
Jab aap hamein bhool jaoge
Thappar Marungi ki sab yaad aajayega
Happy Slap Day 2024!

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