Karwa Chauth Wishes, Messages, Quotes, & Shayari in 2022

By | October 7, 2022

Wishes play an important role in making people feel the real essence of the festival. Festivals are the only time when people get a chance to communicate personally. In today’s busy schedule people require a handful of prepared material to get connected with relatives through various social hubs. Society is a cluster of ideology which changes its rhythm according to the prevailing theme. So Karwa Chauth Wishes, Whatsapp Status, Shayari, Messages, SMS, Poems & Quotes in Hindi, Marathi & Urdu 2022 for Wife & Husband come with immense relevancy when there is need of wishful quotes to make the people around feel special and loved.

Karwa Chauth Wishes, Short Text, Quotes, Messages, Shayari & Poems for Wife & Husband in various languages play an important role in making people have true spirit towards the festival. As Karwa Chauth 2022 is all about fasting and saying the prayer for one’s husbands well being. So if the better half is really innovative in proclaiming his emotions towards his wife in the day of Karwa Chauth 2022, he can collect quotes and wishes which he can jot down and finally share via WhatsApp or post it on Facebook which adds a unique flavor to your heart touching intimacy.

Karwa Chauth Wishes, Whatsapp Status, Shayari, Messages, SMS, Poems & Quotes in Hindi, Marathi & Urdu 2022 for Wife & Husband

Karwa Chauth Wishes

Karwa Chauth Wishes

Karwa Chauth Wishes

A proper way of wishing makes you feel the necessity of the festival. From childhood days one has learned to value the importance of wishing, on every occasion, we have seen all relatives coming together to wish each other. Wishing even today is considered the best way to show ones belongingness and reciprocation towards a festival. Here, We are providing the latest collection of Karwa Chauth Wishes, Whatsapp Status, Shayari, Messages, SMS, Poems & Quotes in Hindi, Marathi & Urdu 2022 for Wife & Husband.

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Happy Karwa Chauth 2022 Wishes, Messages & SMS in Hindi, Urdu & Marathi for Wife & Husband

Happy Karwa Chauth 2022 Wishes

Each pair is the smallest unit of the society and if these couples are happy then automatically the society becomes a better place to live in. Karwa Chauth 2022 has been considered the most difficult fast to be performed by a Hindu woman. On the full moon night, the wife performs the fast and prays for the husband’s good health. So Karwa Chauth Wishesbrings you close to yourself. Status is the mirrors to your thoughts; a particular status marks one’s inner thoughts, and one can have a glimpse of his mind.

Pray, the Sindoor adorns the forehead of every woman. Let God Bless you for a long and a Happy married Life. Happy Karwa Chauth 2022!


पूरा दिन है आज हमारा उपवास , पति आये जल्दी यही है आस ,
ना तोडना हमारी ये आस , क्योंकि आज है करवा चौथ , आज के दिन मत करना हमारा उपहास


As You Celebrate The Bond Of Marriage, Wishing You A Life Of Love And Togetherness Today And Always. Happy Karva Chauth 2022!


May you enjoy your beautiful married life and may no one cast his evil eyes on your wonderful loving relationship! Happy Karwa Chauth 2022!


If I Were A Tear In Ur Eye I Wood Roll Down Onto Ur Lips. But If You Were A Tear In My Eye, I Wood Never Cry As I Wood Be Afraid To Lose You! Thanks For Being Mine Forever. Happy Karva Chauth 2022!


सुन्दरता की प्रतिस्पर्धा अपने पुरे शबाब पे है.. आज एक चाँद दूसरे चाँद के इंतज़ार में है..!!..Happy Karwa Chauth 2022


May The Moonlight Flood Your Life With, Happiness And Joy, Peace And Harmony. Happy Karwa Chauth 2022.


Na Jaane Kyu Reh Reh Ke Ek Baat Hume Bahut Satati Hai, Karwa Chauth Karti Hai Tumhari Biwi Umar Hamari Kyu Badh Jaati Hai. Happy Karwa Chauth 2022.


Ye biwiyan bhi bohut azeeb hoti hai
364 din pati ko jeene nahi deti aur 1 din Karwa Chauth ka vrat kar marne bhi nahi deti
Happy Karwa Chauth 2022!


Day Seems Long And Moon Doesn’T Show, Thirsty Hungry, Yet On The Go Salute Indian Women For Their Sacrifice And Love An Incarnation Of Goddesses From Heaven Above Happy Karwa chauth 2022!


May The Sindoor, Testify Your Prayers, For Your Husband’s Long Life. The Mangal Sutra Reminds You Of, The Promises That Binds You. And The Color Of Mehndi, Prove The Depth Of Your Love. Happy Karwa Chauth 2022!


आज सजी हूँ दुल्हन सी मैं , कब तूँ आएगा पिया , अपने हाथों से पानी पिलाकर , कब गले लगाएगा पिया तू


Pray, The Sindoor Adorns The Forehead Of Every Woman. Let God Bless You For A Long And A Happy Married Life. Happy Karwa Chauth 2022!


I told my heart not to beat since u were filled in it,
It kept my word and stop the beat.
Since the blood was passing through the heart,
The passes of each drop said your name my love!
Thanks for praying for me.
Happy Karva Chauth 2022!!

Happy Karwa Chauth 2022 Whatsapp Status in Hindi, Urdu & Marathi

Karwa Chauth Status

Karwa Chauth Status

Status should be such which can spread a nice message to all.  They play an important role in striking people with something outstanding and out of the lot. A Karwa Chauth Status should be full of vigor and inspiration making people, who would visit it, feel the reason behind a reasonable WhatsApp status. A proper Status is not only limited within the scope of inspiration but also stands for making people communicate with each other over an interesting and relevant issue. So enough care should be taken to create a Karwa Chauth Status in Hindi & Urdu as many eyes would get to see it.

Hey My Love….एक दिन हम भी इसी तरह करवा चौथ 2022 मनाएंगे …..I promise…


दे जाये उम्र तुम्हे हज़ार -हज़ार साल , आये तो संग लाये खुशियां हज़ार ,
हर साल हम मनाये ये त्यौहार ,भर दे हमारा दामन खुशियों के साथ , दे जाये उम्र तुम्हे हज़ार -हज़ार साल


On This Blessed Night,
May the Jingling of Churis,
Fill Your Life With Good Luck,
The Twinkling Of Payal,
Announce Your Love For Him,


May the sight of full moon fill your heart with happiness. Wishing you a blessed Karwa Chauth 2022.


The Sindhoor Decorates The Forehead Of A Woman.
I Love You Dear And Will Always
Protect You In My Warm Arms.
Happy Karva Chauth 2022!


अपने हाथों में चूड़ियाँ सजाये , माथे पर अपने सिन्दूर लगाए , निकली हर सुहागन चाँद के इंतज़ार में , रब्ब उनकी हर मनोकामना पूरी करे


Love Laughter And Good Luck Too! May This Karwa Chauth 2022 Be Super Special For You.


Hope this day strengthens the bond of love between you two. May the almighty bless you with a happy and long married life. Happy Karwa Chauth 2022!


On This Karwa Chauth 2022, Sending My Heartfelt Wishes You Way. May All Your Prayers For Your Husband’S Well Being, Be Answered Today And Always. Happy Karwa Chauth 2022


Dear Honey, Sending you my warm wishes on Karwa Chauth 2022.. for a long happy married life..


A Dark Cloud Of Gloom Is Hovering My Heart,
Am Praying For Your Happiness and Long Life,
You Are Always In My Heart,
Missing You Very Much On This Karwa Chauth 2022!


ना जाने क्यों रह -रह कर एक बात हमें बहुत है सताती , करवा चौथ करती है तुम्हारी बीवी , उम्र हमारी क्यों बढ़ती जाती है


Hope this day makes the bond of our marriage stronger. Happy Karwa Chauth 2022 to My Sweet Loving Wife.


Sabhi Vivahit bhaiyo Ko Yah suchit Kiya jata hai ki Aaj ke din Savdhani aur Dhiraj Se kaam leve… Bhuki Sherni Jyada Khatarnak Hoti hai Happy Karva chauth 2022!


May The Moon Light, Flood Your Life With, Happiness and Joy, Peace and Harmony. Happy Karwa Chauth 2022..!!

Happy Karwa Chauth 2022 Quotes in Hindi & English

Happy Karwa Chauth Quotes

Happy Karwa Chauth Quotes

Today in this age of professionalism, often the duo cannot stay together due to the pattern of work and its job allocation. Husbands are most of the town out of the country, some of the lucky husbands get to stay in their country but in different states. At times these rituals are not always possible to perform because people are unable to cover the distance.

Congratulations to all husbands for renewal of their life insurance,Happy Karwa Chauth 2022!


मेहरबान है आज हम पर भगवान् , हमको दिया है प्यारे पति का वरदान ,
यही है करवा चौथ की कामयाबी और हमारा दिल करता है वाह – वाही


Aaj mujhe aapka khaas intezaar hai,
Ye din hai karva chauth 2022 ka..
Apki lambi umra ki mujhe darkaar hai..
Jaldi aana, yakin karna apke liye sab chorr baitha apka pyar hai !


Patni karti vart to Pati karta pyar
Tabhi to patni hai tyagti khana har bar
Aisa hi hai Karwa Chauth ka tyohar
Happy Karwa Chauth 2022!


I wanted the stars never shot for the moon I like them right where they are all I wanted was You! Happy Karwa Chauth 2022!


May The Sindoor, Testify Your Prayers, For Your Husband’s Long Life. The Mangal Sutra Reminds You Of, The Promises That Binds You. And The Color Of Mehndi, Prove The Depth Of Your Love.


Fast Taken By Wives.. For Well Being, Longevity And Prosperity Of Husbands. Seeking His Blessings. May This Blissful Day Fills Your Life.. With Love And Happiness. Happy Karwa Chauth 2022 to my sweetheart.


You Love Me And I Love You We Are Lovers And Best Friends Too On This Karwa chauth 2022 I Just Wanna Say Thankyou Darling For Coming My Way!


मेरी वाली तुम जहाँ भी हो मेरे लिए करवा चौथ का व्रत मत रखना , मेरी gf ने रख लिया है , तुम बाद में रख लेना।

Happy Karwa Chauth 2022 Shayari & Poem in Hindi, Urdu & Marathi

Happy Karwa Chauth Shayari

A proper Karwa Chauth Shayari & Poems in Hindi, Urdu & Marathican make you feel that you are just beside your beloved even if you are far off.  A good status would make distance disappear and would inspire your imagination to bring in front of your eyes.

करवा चौथ का पावन व्रत मैंने आपके लिए किया है क्योंकि आप ही के प्रेम और सम्मान ने मेरे जीवन को नया रंग दिया है।


When I say I love you, It doesn’t mean just 3 words of love, It means I care for you, I trust u, I believe you, I miss you, Love sometimes changes some moment And sometimes Whole Life! Happy Karwa Chauth 2022…!!


Purush Sangathan Janhit mein Jari
Aap sabhi se anurodh hai
Karwa Chauth 2022 ke din khud ko
Apni patniyon se bacha ker rakhe
Kyunki bhuki sherni or bhi khatarnak hoti hai


Karwa Chauth Ka Paavan Vrat Aapke Liye Maine Kiya Hai Kyunki Aap Hi Ke Prem Aur Samman Ne Jeewan Ko Naya Rang Diya Hai. Happy Karwa Chauth 2022!


May The Sindoor Testify Your Prayers The Mangal Sutra Remind You Of Promises That Binds You The Color Of Mehndi Prove The Depth Of Your Love Happy Karwa Chauth 2022!


Karwa chauth 2022 Ka Din Hai, Tumhaari Yaadon Se Bhare Hai Hum , Tum Bin Zindagi Kitni Berang Hogi, Ye Soch Ke Kayi Baar Dare Hai Hum. Miss You This Karwa chauth 2022 to my sweetheart!


Dear meri wali(proposed wife),
Tum jaha bhi ho mere liye karwa chouth 2022 ka vrat
mat rakhna. . .
Meri gf ne rakh liya hai.
Tum bad me rakh liyo.


Laxmi ji ka vahan (ullu) unse ruth gaya or bola…
Aapki sab pooja karte hai.. mjhe koi nahi pujta.
Laxmi ji boli…..ab se har saal meri pooja se 11 din pehle tumhari pooja hogi.
Us din ullu pooje jayenge
Tabhi se diwali k 11 din pehle KARWA CHOWTH 2022 manaya jane laga.
Jago patiyo jago ?????????
Janhit me jaari


Dil khushiyon ka aashiyana hai
Isse dil mein basaye rakhna
Patni rakhti hai vart aapke liye
Aap bhi inhe zindagi bhar hasaye rakhna!!


Aaj ka din bada khaas hai, Aap ke aane ki aas hai, Thodi bhook thodi pyaas hai, Aap nahi bas aapka aehsaas hai.. Happy Karwa chauth 2022.


Karwa Chauth WhatsApp video status for Wife & Husband

This Karwa Chauth, create some special moments with Video Status

Often it happens that couples cannot stay together for professional reasons. This is the time when even being away from your husband you can pray for his long life. Just update your Whatsapp profile with an excellent video status that can make your husband feel that you are by his side. Karwa Chauth WhatsApp video status can consist of a simple message from you or you can also search for some Karwa Chauth video that is based on animation or simple short stories based on the occasion. Make the day special with video status.


With the delicacies on the list and the news et of Karwa Chauth 2022 bridal attire, one thing which needs attention is that there should be a proper wishing etiquette. Of course, the ritual needs to be followed more religiously, but jotting down beautiful Happy Karwa Chauth Wishes, Whatsapp Status, Shayari, Messages, SMS, Poems & Quotes in Hindi, Marathi & Urdu 2022 for Wife & Husband can earn much more appreciation. Although it might seem that the couple gets influenced with a message of Karwa Chauth wishes, the real benefit accrues to the whole society as if the couple are happy then the society is bound to be happy.

Here you will get the collection for,

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