Top 5 Cricketer’s Quotes From The Legends and Cricket explained

By | July 22, 2023

Cricket is more than just a sport. It’s an emotion to some while for others it’s religion. During the World Cup season, all countries unite to celebrate the spirit of cricket. Since the time, cricket has been invented, it has become an important part of all our lives. From young teens to adults, everyone enjoys watching cricket. The craze of cricket stays high during the playing season.

The sport also forms an important part of the betting world. Sports bettors all around the world bet on cricket matches in the hope to win something big – since those games often include lots of different betting options and are very long. Because of the complicated gameplay of this stunning game, many fans look for the best Cricket betting tips from different experts who predict and explain games for a living. Often, the Cricket players themselves are involved in some bets – especially if it’s their team playing. Now let’s review why Cricket is so popular and is gaining more fame across the world. After that, we’ll talk about what we gathered for from the beginning.

Why is cricket so popular?

Have you ever thought of why cricket is so popular all over the world? The fact is people take cricket more seriously than any other sports. It is the second most popular game just after soccer.

Cricket was invented by the British people but today, the sport is played all across the world. The cricket world has seen numerous legends who have contributed their all to make the game better each year. 

Now coming to the big question, what has led to the increased popularity of cricket? Well, there is not just one but many reasons that have made the game so popular. We will be discussing each of the reasons in detail.

  • It is easy and fun to play

Many of you may not realise this but cricket is comparatively easier than many other sports. In other words, you can easily master the game with just regular practice.

Just like any other sport even cricket has its own rules to follow. But the thing is that it doesn’t take long for someone to get learn those rules.

Kids right from a very young age start playing cricket. They play it for fun but as they grow up, some of them turn it into their career option. Even kids can learn the rules of the game easily. This proves how easy the game is.

It is also an engaging game that you can play for hours without losing much stamina like in the case of football.

  • Easy to understand

Another valid reason could be that cricket is easy to understand. The sport includes less number of rules which makes it easier for people to understand it. The rules of cricket are less complicated because of which even kids can understand it well. This is why the majority of the crowd are inclined towards cricket. Since they don’t have to use their brains much they stick to the sport for their entertainment.

  • Requires less stamina

Unlike many other games like football and hockey, cricket doesn’t require much stamina or body fitness. In other words, there is very little movement involved in the game. This is one of the main reasons why many kids are seen to join the cricket team in their schools. That’s because they don’t have to put in much effort.

Cricket is all about hitting the ball with a bat standing in the same spot. The little running that is involved is not enough to burn your stamina like football where you have to completely run and jump.

  • British influence

As you may already know, cricket was invented by the British. They have a huge role to play in introducing cricket to the world. The countries that were once British colonies are the ones that are more inclined towards cricket. For example, India.

Back in the days, when these countries were ruled by the British, they made the game popular among the crowd. Since then the popularity of the game has only increased. Other countries joined the cricket world much later.

  • No foul moments

In football, if you play wrong or injure someone in the game, you are given a foul card. But this type of rule is not found in cricket. Even if you injure someone by mistake which is very rare, you can just apologise and get back to the game. No wonder, it is called the gentleman’s game.

  • The big superstars of the cricket world

Since the time cricket is invented, it has produced many legends. The rise of the cricket superstars made the game even more popular. When you start loving a player, you try to watch all his matches. This is how you become a fan and eventually get stuck to the game. This is the story of millions of people who love to watch cricket. They either watch it for their favourite player or team.

  • Country team

When your country is participating in a cricket match, you cannot just sit back and ignore it. During this time even the ones who are not addicted to the game start watching the match. The feeling of your country is represented by the players on an international level is unmatchable. The excitement doubles when your country bags the trophy. Cricket is a game that promotes oneness.

Famous Cricketer’s Quotes

Cricketer’s Quotes

Over the years, cricket has produced many legends and popular players. They have always managed to inspire people either by their actions or words. Here are some quotes by famous cricketers.

“You don’t win or lose the games because of the 11 you select. You win or lose with that those 11 do on the field.” – Rahul Dravid“A wise man learns by the mistakes of others, A full by own.” – Adam Gilchrist


“Some folks will say ‘Oh, Winning ain’t all!” But I know it is all. At the end of the day, no one looks at the loser. So that is why we play to win.” – Vivian Richards


“If you want to do something, achieve something, you can’t be thinking all the time of what you don’t have.” – Kapil Dev


“People throw stones at you and you convert them into milestones.” – Sachin Tendulkar

To every fan, cricket will always remain special. It is a sport that brings people and countries together.

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